Dharius Daniels Message: Deploying Your Gifts

Dharius Daniels shares this message titled “Deploying Your Gifts” where he teaches that clarity is key! The senior pastor and founder of Change Church has helped many youth Entrepreneurs to get their dreams to reality.

The pastor revealed that you cannot experience Transformation in isolation. Your success requires a squad … we all need squad goals. He asked where the year 2022 went; saying that even if you don’t feel like we’ve had a pretty good first six months,  he’s grateful to God for this first six as they’ve been really good. Dharius Daniels said we are going for really great last six.

Pastor Dharius said he wants you to be a part of a tribe as there are four types of people that exist in the world … these are biblical animal metaphors and they’re sheep, wolves, goats and lions.

The sheep kind of people can be docile, a bit naïve, not assertive not aggressive. They are good people but don’t necessarily live good lives. Sheep primarily just get used for their wool. Pastor Dharius Daniels went on to explain the others as can be seen in the video below.

Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Dharius Daniels “Deploying Your Gifts” as we bring the latest messages from pastors in Change Church to you.

Video Credit: Dharius Daniels YouTube

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