Dharius Daniels Message: Enemies of Excellence


Dharius Daniels shares this message titled titled “Enemies of Excellence” which is part of his series “Thrive With Dr. Dharius Daniels” and it is a message you will love to listen to.

He said thrive is one of the ways we try to take God’s word and apply it to the five key areas of our lif. Spiritual, emotional, relational professional and financial. We believe when it comes to this idea of biblical interpretation we want to interpret the bible in a way where we see it is relevant. We want to see its relevance in those areas of our life because if we change those areas of our life, we actually change our life and we want to thrive in those areas. Humans do not want to live sinking, we don’t want to live surviving … we want to live thriving.

Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Dharius Daniels: “Enemies of Excellence” as we bring the latest messages from Change Church to you.

Credit: Dharius Daniels YouTube

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