Did Jesus Christ Came For The Jews Alone?

Did Jesus Christ come for the Jews alone

Did Jesus Christ come for the Jews alone?

Did Jesus Christ come for the Jews alone? Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to die for our sins. When he died, that brought salvation to us humans and restored our relationship with God.

After the fall of Adam, the relationship between man and God was unstable. There has never been a time when God hated us, but the problem is our sinful nature.

When God was bringing the people of Israel out of Egypt, they misbehaved many times. Even after their misbehavior, God took them back because of love.

The punishment that God gives to us is not because of the hatred he has for us. For every punishment that we face, we must learn from it and grow.

Most of us are afraid, and we blame God when we face our punishment. Our heavenly father is aware of everything that we face here on earth.

Anytime we see ourselves in challenging situations, let us sit back and learn. It is so easy to blame God when things are not going the way we hoped.

For many generations, God has tried so many ways to restore our relationship with him. Our heavenly father pointed prophets and kings to lead his people so that they don’t fall into the trap of the devil.

Why didn’t Jesus Christ preach to other tribes and countries?

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When Jesus Christ was here on earth, he preached mainly to the Jews. He was busy preparing his disciples and teaching them things to do after he’s gone.

The Lord knew that he wouldn’t stay on earth forever, so he was preparing his disciples for everything. He went around doing good things and miracles.

Jesus Christ was friendly and loving to everyone around him. Our Lord never judged or discriminated against people for not being Jews.

He told them a parable about good Samaritans and encouraged them to love everyone. He didn’t go to many tribes and countries because he was preparing his disciples to do that.

Most people felt that Jesus Christ didn’t come for everyone, but he came for us all. He loves us so much that he was willing to die for our sins.

Hatred the Disciples Faced

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After Jesus Christ went to heaven, his disciples went to different countries and tribes to continue the work of Christ.

They taught people things that Jesus Christ told them, and they also did miracles like casting out demons and healing the sick.

When Jesus was on earth, not every Jew accepted him, but he didn’t stop. His disciples were hated by people, and some of them were arrested many times.

The hatred that people had for them got to the point where they started killing Christians. Most Christians went into hiding so that they wouldn’t get killed.

Despite everything they were facing, they didn’t give up on God. Jesus Christ told them that the world would hate them because they hated him first.

The disciples were able to win souls for Jesus Christ from different countries and tribes. The gospel of Christ was spread throughout the earth by his disciples and apostles, like Paul.

People were interested in knowing about the good news of Christ. That is how we currently know about Jesus Christ and his miracles.

Jesus Christ is interested in how we treat people around us because he is love. Most Jews didn’t like him because he called himself God himself.

Some people claimed that he came to destroy the Law of Moses. He told them that he’s here to fulfill the law, and some adjustments were made to the law.

Jesus Christ taught his people about love and obeying the commandments of God. He promised us that he’d come back to take us to heaven with him.

Note: Did Jesus come for the Jews alone? No, he came for everyone, not for Jews alone, because he loves us.

Why didn’t Jesus Christ preach in other countries and tribes? because he was preparing his disciples to spread the gospel around the world after he went to heaven.

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