Dr. David Jeremiah: In a World of Deception, BE HONEST

Dr. David Jeremiah shares this message titled “In a World of Deception, BE HONEST” which is taken from the book of Matthew 24:4-5, 11. He said that Jesus warns us that deception from Satan and false prophets will be rampant in the World of the End. But we can combat the deception in our world with the truth of God’s Word.

He made us to understand that Jesus’ message to his four disciples on the Mount of Olives telling them what was going to happen in the future was not given to make them smarter about what would happen but to help them understand what would happen. This is so they could be the people God wanted Him to be in the midst of that situation.

David Jeremiah said he does not want you to be smarter about the future although there’s nothing wrong with that. He wants you to be the person God wants you to be so that no matter what happens you can be His person and be a difference maker in the world in which you live.

Watch and learn from this message by Dr. David Jeremiah “In a World of Deception, BE HONEST” and remember we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

Video Credit: David Jeremiah Ministries YouTube

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