Dr. David Jeremiah Sermon: Passing the Torch

Dr. David Jeremiah shares this sermon and message titled “Passing the Torch” which is taken from II Kings 2:1-18 where he teaches that just because Elijah went to heaven doesn’t mean his earthly ministry was over. In this message, Dr. David Jeremiah looks at some key takeaways and Elijah’s reappearance in the New Testament.

He said he cannot tell you how many times he has watched people that he knows God has put his hand upon and they can’t get to the future because they keep holding on to the past. They’ve had this past problem, this past victory, this past situation … it’s their marriage or their kids or their business or their physical health and they keep talking about the past and talking about the past and God is holding out for them this glorious plan for their future and they can’t grab hold of the future because their hands are so full of the past.

That’s what the Elijah thing was all about. He reminded us that Elisha went home and he burned up everything that was indicative of his past. He burned up the harness, he burned up the yoke, he burned up the oxen and he served it to his friends saying ‘this is it I’m done being a farmer, I’ve been called to be a prophet’.

Watch and learn from this sermon by David Jeremiah titled “Passing the Torch” as we bring the latest messages from the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church to you.

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