Sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah: The Christian’s Dress Code

Dr. David Jeremiah shares this sermon titled “The Christian’s Dress Code” (Paul’s Wardrobe Advice) where he teaches that getting dressed is probably a normal part of your daily routine, something you don’t really think about. But you might think differently after considering what Dr. David Jeremiah has to share on some wardrobe advice from the Apostle Paul, who encouraged believers to be clothed with Christ.

He said the short-tempered person speaks and acts impulsively, he lacks self-control. When a person is long-suffering, he can put up with provoking people. It’s all right to get angry if you get angry for the right reasons but it’s wrong to get angry quickly at the wrong thing and for the wrong concern.

Here is Paul admitting that it can be hard to get along with some people. Sometimes we have to put up with difficult people and what happens is we usually try to change them. Paul however says that we should put on long suffering and learn how to get along with people who are hard to get along with.

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