Diplomats Equipped During Dynamic Diplomatic In ECG – Pastor Bushiri


The World Is Not Ours...

Pastor Bushiri

Diplomats Equipped During Dynamic Diplomatic In ECG – Pastor Bushiri

Pastor Bushiri

Taking to his Official Facebook page, Pastor Bushiri Wrote: “Diplomats have been treated tonight. The last week of the month of Esther Service for Diplomats has taken us to the levels that we did not imagine. The levels of excellence are touching and changing each of our lives.

We have worshiped God as a family. We have been excited and blessed with songs. We have also been ushered into a season of worship before the Prophet and his son, our Brother Salvation AKA The Seer, arrived to deliver prophecy after prophecy.

The father of the house entered house and explained that sometimes when decrees are made over our lives and we do not proclaim them, we are easily deterred. God will move certain things out of your way, speaking frankly about tithing and how we can re-align ourselves with God.

God is holding certain things back from His children because He needs saints to re-evaluate their prayer life and stop being luke-warm.

Our father in the Lord has spoken candidly that saints might audit and take stock of their spiritual life. The prophet’s message is clear: make right with God.

Valued followers, do not be mere followers, drink of this well. Allow God to take over, hear the word of the Lord. Keep watching Prophetic Channel, I do love you, Shalom!”

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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