Episcopal Church Bishop Placed on Leave over Undisclosed Allegations

Episcopal Church Bishop Placed on Leave over Undisclosed Allegations: Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Wyoming, Rt. Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler has been placed on administrative leave as he faces potential disciplinary action over undisclosed allegations.

According to a Monday statement from the Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs, Rt. Rev. Paul-Gordon who has served as bishop of Wyoming since February 2021 was placed on administrative leave amid “pending Title IV allegations against him.”

Title IV Canons of the Episcopal Church involve the processes by which to oversee formal accusations made against clergy accused of violating ecclesiastical laws.

The canons were approved at the Episcopal Church General Convention of 1994, taking effect on New Year’s Day 1996 and creating a standard for all dioceses.

“Prior to the fundamental changes in how the church handled discipline, decisions surrounding clerics were often made unilaterally by bishops or by an ecclesiastical trial court,” states an Episcopal Church website on the canons.

The restriction on Chandler’s ministry was enacted by Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, vice president of the House of Bishops, on behalf of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who is recovering from surgery. The restriction will remain “until further notice,” according to the Office of Public Affairs news release.

While the reason behind the disciplinary action against him remains undisclosed, the Episcopal News Service reported on Monday that Gray-Reeves’ decision to place Chandler on leave “is part of The Episcopal Church’s initial response to the allegations,” the Rev. Megan Nickles, chair of the Diocese of Wyoming Standing Committee, said in her letter.

“As the process unfolds out of the bounds of our diocese, we have the opportunity to support one another here in the high desert and pray for reconciliation and repair.”

The letter reportedly highlights “an alleged indiscretion with a member of our diocesan team.”

Chandler is the latest Episcopal bishop to face potential disciplinary action this year under the church’s Title IV canons.
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