Former Pastor ‘Persuade Women to Engage in Sexual Activity’

Independent investigators for Eastview Christian Church in Illinois have concluded that while Pastor Caleb Baker uses his influence in the church to ‘persuade women to engage in sexual activity,” his father Mike Baker the longtime senior Pastor of the Church probably covered up his son’s transgressions using his position.

A report provided by Wagenmaker & Oberly firm reveals the Independent Investigators’ conclusions.

“While he worked for Eastview, leadership seemed largely unaware that Caleb used his position, role, or influence as a pastor to persuade women to engage in sexual activity. However, the individuals we were able to interview that had had sexual experience with Caleb shared credibly that he did so,” the report states.

“As indicated above, these assessments are based on the information made available through interviews, related credibility assessments, document review, and accompanying evaluation of all such material, and in accordance with the goals articulated at the beginning of this Investigation Report.”

Mike Baker’s allegation of covering up his son’s sexual misconduct flared up in February following his resignation from Church. He resigned after Central Christian Church fired his son from Church over an extramarital affair with a non-church member.

The investigators concluded that it’s more likely than not that Baker used his influence to cover up his son’s crime.

“It is more likely than not that Mike Baker misused his leadership position and impeded the Church leadership’s ability to follow the Church’s policies and procedures for addressing various complaints and reports of misconduct that were made between approximately 2013 and 2023, all contrary to Biblical mandates and norms of behavior for leadership as set forth in the Board Policy Manual,” the investigator states.

“It is more likely than not that former Senior Pastor Mike Baker and Caleb Baker failed to disclose to the staff and elders of Eastview all they knew of Caleb Baker’s sexual conduct and the reasons for the termination of his employment,” the report adds



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