Francis Chan: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Francis Chan: Biography, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Francis Chan was born on August 31 in 1967 into the family of his Chinese father Pak-sum Chan and mother Wan-bing Mui. They were both strong Church goers. His father was a minister in Leighton Baptist Church, Hong Kong.

Francis Chan And His Family
Francis Chan


Francis Chan is the third child of his parents and last child of his biological mother. His elder siblings are Paul Chan and Grace Chan. His mother died from birth complications (postpartum hemorrhage), during his birth. Francis Chan lived with his grand mother who was a Buddhist for a while. When Francis was 8 years of age, his father got married to Amy Chan in 1975. She had a child with Pak-sum Chan, and she was named Gloria. Amy Chan was involved is a car crash where she lost her life.

Francis’ father died when he was 12 years old. He lost his father to cancer. Even though he and his father did not really have a good relationship, his fear of his father helped him understand to a level, the fear of God. He claims that since he found God, he did not feel like he grew up without his father because God has always been there for him.

Family Life

Francis Chan got married to Lisa Chan who is a musician and they have a beautiful family together. Lisa and Francis co-founded the Cornerstone Community Church in 1994 with a few others. They have seven children of which not much is known about but three are known. Rachel Chan, who followed in the steps of her mother, making her a musician, a son known as Ezekiel Chan and Dallal Chan.

Somethings You Need To Know About Francis Chan And His Family
Francis and Lisa Chan

Dallal Chan was adopted by Francis when his wife was pregnant with their sixth child. She was adopted at the age of 16 and before that she lived on the streets and she did drugs. When she gave her life to Christ in a Church camp, she was put up for adoption.

Francis said she is a blessing to him and he feels really happy that he adopted her. Dallal was not sure she wanted to move in with the family but now she is very happy she did. Before her father Francis Chan she said she looked up to Gangsters as her father figure.

Francis Chan Net Worth

Francis Chan is worth about $300,000; he is a great father and a preacher.

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