God Can Make Broken Things Whole

God Can Make Broken Things Whole

God can make broken things whole.

God Can Make Broken Things Whole: Our lives are not perfect, and all of us have moments where bad things happen to us.

Young adults and teenagers are going through things, but they can’t share them with their parents. No matter what we have been through, God can heal us.

The enemy is doing his best to steal us away from God so that he can destroy us. The intention that God has for us is good and not evil.

Life is filled with trials and tribulations, but the Lord is always with us. Everything that we need in life can be found in Christ Jesus.

If we allow our past to hold us back, it will make us afraid of the future. For us to have a beautiful future, we must let go of our hurtful past.

Our heavenly father is aware of everything that we are going through. Every challenge in our lives is allowed by God so that we can learn and grow.

How can we become better if we are not tested? Some struggles that we experience can be due to our stupid decisions.

Be willing to learn.

God Can Make Broken Things Whole pt2


We are serving the living God, and everything is possible for him. As Christians, we have to be ready to face any challenges in our lives with God on our side.

Life is a journey, and our heavenly father wants us to grow and learn. It’s easy for many of us to blame God when things don’t work out in our favor.

We have to be honest with ourselves; some of our problems were created by us. Many of us are afraid of learning, and we don’t pay attention to the lessons that we are meant to learn.

Just because we are children of God doesn’t mean that we are permitted to make bad decisions. As representatives of God, we have to behave differently.

Complaining and blaming God is the easiest thing for many people because they know that God is loving.

In any situation where we find ourselves, let us pay attention to our lessons. Being thankful is more life-changing than complaining.

The Holy Spirit is living inside of us so that he can guide us through life. Most of us don’t listen to God because our flesh is controlling us.

Everything that we do here on earth should please God and bring glory to his name.

Go back to God. 

God Can Make Broken Things Whole pt3It doesn’t matter what mistake you made in the past; God is there for us. Ask forgiveness and give your life to him, and he will heal you of everything.

Jesus Christ told us the story of the prodigal son to show us that he loves us. A sinful God breaks his heart because he loves us and wishes the best for us.

A godly lifestyle is the best, and it costs nothing but love from God. Claiming to hate God and his lifestyle is going to cost you great things in the future.

The devil has lied to so many people that godly living is boring so that he can destroy them.

  • Sleeping around can give you an STD
  • Watching pornography can lead to mental problems (researchers have proven this). 
  • Taking illegal substances leads to madness and other health problems.
  • Dressing ungodly will attract bad people to you. 
  • Having bad friends can lead to destruction in the future 
  • Stealing can lead to going to jail. 
  • Gossiping can lead to jealousy and unhappiness.

Make the right decision with the power of free will the Lord has given you. Remember that God can heal you of everything that you are going through.


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