Gregory Dickow: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth

Gregory Dickow: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth: Gregory Dickow is an author, speaker, and preacher from the United States. He is the founder and senior pastor of Life Changers International Church in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a nondenominational charismatic mega-church.

Gregory Dickow: Biography, Age, Family, Ministry, And Net Worth
Pastor Gregory Dickow


Gregory Michael Dickow was born on September 18, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan, to Robert and Farial Dickow. They broadcasted his whole profile on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club which is the testimony of his life.

Indeed, Gregory had always talked about his life story as one of transformation. At 16-year-old he was already selling drug. He became a young man, hopeless and battling depression, someone whose negative thoughts told him he’d accomplish nothing. It was at this stage of his life that he met Christ and his life was transformed.


Dickow earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo in 1986. He was a Maranatha Campus Ministries member.


Gregory Michael Dickow was born on September 18, 1964

Family Life

Grace Dickow married Dickow (born Mary Grace Gattone; August 20, 1963). On December 3, 1988, the two married. They have five children together.

Olivia, Robert, Gena, Joseph, and Roman are the children of Gregory and his wife, Grace.

Gregory Dickow and his wife Grace Dickow
Gregory Dickow and his wife Grace Dickow



Gregory Dickow founded Life Changers International Church, a multinational Christian congregation, in 1992. In 1993, he formed the company. In September 1996, the church opened its Barrington Hills campus. His messages are broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, The Church Channel, and The Word Network, as part of the syndicated television show The Power to Change Today.

In 1998, Life Changers opened a satellite campus in downtown Chicago. Dickow began his television ministry in 1998. He moved his ministry’s world headquarters to Hoffman Estates in the fall of 2004, a 160,000-square-foot building on 30 acres with a sanctuary, prayer center, gymnasium, and radio and TV studio. Valeo Academy, a K-12 Christian school, is also located on the property. The school first opened its doors in 2004 and is now affiliated with the Association of Christian Schools International.

In 2005, Dickow launched the Ask the Pastor radio show, which airs live for an hour every day.


Here are a few of Gregory’s life-changing sermons that we think you’ll like.

  1. 5 Ways To Build Up Yourself
  2. The Power To Change Today
  3. Happy Days: The Kisses of Jesus
  4. Freedom From Fear
  5. Closeness With God
  6. A Faith That Never Fails
  7. How To Love People Better In 2022
  8. Happy New Way: Life Is Happening For You
  9. Ripping off The Roof of Your Limitations
  10. You Are Beautiful


Gregory is a published author who has written over 20 books. His works include the following:

  1. Soul Cure
  2. Fast From Wrong Thinking
  3. Silencing The Accuser: The power of Guilt-Free Life
  4. Triumphing Over Loneliness: The Influence of Connection
  5. So Loved
  6. Breaking The power of Inferiority
  7. The Power To Change Today: Simple Secrets To Satisfied Life
  8. Precious Promises of The Blood of Jesus
  9. More Than Amazing Grace
  10. Taking Charge of Your Emotions
  11. 30 Days Of Rest
  12. Changed By Love
  13. Faith For Your Family Declarations
  14. The power of A New Life
  15. 30 Days of Blessing
  16. How To Fulfill God’s Purpose For Your Life
  17. Fearless How To Conquer Fear Forever
  18. How To Never Be Hurt Again
  19. How To Hear The Voice of God Today
  20. The Promises of Hope

Net Worth

Reports have estimated Gregory Dickow to have a net worth of $1 million to $7 million USD. However, His principal career as a pastor has brought him a great deal of fortune.

Social Media

You can also find pastor Gregory on the following social media platforms

Instagram: @gregorydickow

Facebook: GregoryDickow

Twitter: @GregoryDickow

YouTube: @Gregory Dickow


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