Hand of Hope Provides Mobile Shower Unit for Inexcelsis

Hand of Hope Provides Mobile Shower Unit for St Louis Unhoused Outreach
Hand of Hope, the Missions Outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Provides a mobile shower Unit for Inexcelsis, a St. Louis Unhoused Outreach

The World Missions Outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Hand of Hope, has purchased a mobile shower unit for Inexcelsis, an unhoused outreach in St. Louis that seeks to “retrieve the dignity of unhoused people and displaced young people.”

The shower unit was provided in a bid to provide homeless individuals with a clean and safe place to shower, offering them a sense of dignity and hope amidst challenging circumstances.

This much-needed piece of equipment, however, has positively impacted the lives of many individuals. Among the beneficiaries is a homeless St. Louis woman identified as Doris, who had not had the opportunity to shower in six months.

Sharing Doris’ testimony on a Monday Instagram post, Joyce Meyer Ministries founder Joyce Meyer wrote:

“For the past three years, Doris has been living beneath a bridge on the streets of St. Louis. The onset of COVID resulted in her losing everything, including her home, which has made maintaining basic hygiene a challenge. Doris, who is particularly self-conscious about her cleanliness due to frequent unkind remarks from others, recently experienced a significant milestone.”

“This weekend marked the first time in six months that she had the opportunity to take a shower. Doris expressed the profound sense of refreshment she felt as she watched the dirt in her hair and on her feet wash away. The simple act of showering, something she had once taken for granted, became a profound blessing for her this weekend.”

Meyer also expressed gratitude to the benefactors of the Hand of Hope, through whom they were able to achieve the shower unit.

“Thank you to our partners who help us share the love of Christ in this tangible way,” the statement further read.


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