Healing Minister David Diga Hernandez Challenges Misconceptions About Faith Healing

Healing Minister David Diga Hernandez Challenges Misconceptions About Faith Healing

Healing Minister David Diga Hernandez Challenges Misconceptions About Faith Healing

 In a recent Instagram post, healing minister and author, Evangelist David Diga Hernandez, challenged misconceptions about faith healing by sharing his personal experience with faith and medical intervention.

The post focused on the challenges faced by couples struggling with infertility and the importance of seeking both spiritual and medical support.

Hernandez and his wife, Jess, openly discussed their journey to parenthood. They described the emotional rollercoaster of infertility, including days filled with hope and fear, and the pain of imagining a life without children. Despite witnessing miraculous healings in others, the couple faced a different path.

“We watched as the Lord miraculously healed others,” the evangelist wrote. “We celebrated their miracles and patiently waited for ours.”

Their miracle arrived in April 2019 with the birth of their daughter, Aria Rose. “[She] is a constant reminder of God’s miracle-working power,” Hernandez stated. However, their second daughter, Lilian, presented a different story.

“Lilian, who was conceived with the help of medical treatment, is a reminder of God’s sovereignty because the miracle didn’t come in the way we expected it to,” he explained.

The evangelist emphasized the importance of taking practical steps while maintaining faith. He cited the Apostle Paul’s advice to Timothy to use medicinal remedies (1 Timothy 5:23) as a biblical example of this approach.

He further addressed a common misconception about faith healing. “The biggest misconception about the healing ministry is that miracles need to happen 100% of the time,” he stated. Hernandez believes this distorted view creates an easy target for critics who oppose public prayer for the sick.

Pastor Hernandez reaffirmed his belief in God’s healing power, prayer for the sick, and celebrating testimonies of healing. He stated, “Every time I pray for someone who is sick, I choose to believe for their complete and instant healing. That will never change.”

However, he also emphasized the importance of trusting God’s sovereignty. “Sometimes God heals miraculously instantly,” he wrote. “Sometimes God works through practical means. And sometimes healing is found in eternity.”

The pastor concluded by offering practical steps: “Trust God while you believe for His healing touch. We base our beliefs on God’s Word, not our feelings. Do the practical. Keep believing. And, most importantly, trust God.”


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