He’s Good God With Good Plan

He's a Good God with a Good Plan

He’s a good God with a good plan.

He’s a Good God with a Good Plan: Many of us are in a desperate season because time is not on our side. Facing some challenges in life can make us doubt God’s love for us.

God’s plan for us is always the best because he knows what’s best for us. In times of trouble, the Lord is still there for us, and he’ll make a way where there was no way.

Sometimes we think that we know what’s best for ourselves, but that’s not always true. Every plan we have here on earth, let us do our best and commit it to God’s hands.

The thought he has for us is good and not evil, so that we can have a beautiful end. Jesus Christ told us in the Bible that we are going to face trials and tribulation, but let us know that victory is ours.

John 16:33 ~ I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world, you will have tribulations. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Whatever we are facing here on earth, God is aware of them all, so let us have faith in him. Without faith, none of us can please God, and with faith, God allows great things in our lives.

What words are you speaking?

He's a Good God with a Good Plan pt2

Many of us have heard about speaking positively, and some of us are tired of hearing it. The truth is that the words we speak have an influence on how our lives are going to be.

Even in bad situations, don’t speak badly and doubt God, but instead give thanks to him. Don’t complain and question God’s love for you; instead, cry and pray to him.

Many Christians believe that it is bad for Christians to cry to God, but that’s not true. Our heavenly father hears our cry, and he’ll comfort you with his mighty hands.

Praying to God in bad situations is better than complaining, because complaining shows that you are doubting God.

Certain challenges are allowed in our lives by God so that we can learn and grow in faith. Without anything to learn, most of us are not going to grow.

Life can be hard, but we are not here alone because the Holy Spirit has been gifted to us. When Jesus Christ was leaving the earth, he knew that we couldn’t deal with life alone, so he sent us his spirit.

Every believer knows that the spirit of God has done and will still do great things in our lives. Character development and the building of faith are some of the works of the works of the Holy Spirit.

You might be going through some challenges, like

  • lose a loved one
  • Living in debt
  • Your kids are misbehaving.
  • Your spouse is mistreating you.
  • Academic Challenges 
  • Your boss is not nice.
  • Business is not doing great.
  • Looking for a partner
  • praying for a promotion at work

It doesn’t matter what you are facing right now; just believe that God is on your side.

He will do what he promised.

He's a Good God with a Good Plan pt3

We have to stop living in fear because we know about the future. God has promised us a beautiful ending; all we have to do is live in faith and trust in him.

No matter how much we worry about the future or the past, nothing will change. Let us do our best by obeying him, and he’ll do the rest.

He said in his words that he would never put the people who obeyed him to shame. Let God be God because he is good and his mercy is new every morning.

Stop allowing the shame of your past to hold you back from experiencing God’s goodness. Remind him of his promises, pray, and believe in his words.

Learn to forgive yourself so that you can feel the peace of the Lord in your life. Sometimes God has forgiven us but we are still allowing the enemy to shame us.

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