How Does Divorce Affect Kids?

How does divorce affect kids

How does divorce affect kids?

How does divorce affect kids? Divorce is a very difficult topic to discuss in the Christian community because no one wishes for it.

We have to be honest with ourselves so that we can realize that divorce can happen, whether we like it or not.

Nobody is praying to divorce their partner on the day they get married. God wants the best for us, and when we walk with him, that will lead us right.

For many years, Christians have been afraid to ask: Is it right to get a divorce? People have been asking what the Bible says about getting a divorce.

According to the Bible, the sole grounds for divorce are unfaithfulness and an affair. If your partner is not unfaithful but is violent, verbally or physically, you can choose to separate.

For every Christian married couple, God desires for them to be so close physically, emotionally, and spiritually that they are “one flesh.

When something so serious happens to them that they can no longer be “one,” their marital bond is shattered.

So many factors can lead to unhealthy marriages, and they are all the work of the devil.

Factors That Lead to Divorce in Marriage 

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  • Adultery: In the Bible, Jesus Christ mentions adultery as the main reason for a marriage to end. Matthew 19:9 says, “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”
  • Addiction: Addictions have been the reason why so many marriages have ended in the past. Addiction can be in different forms, like gambling, drugs, or alcohol. Without treatment, addiction can destroy a marriage.
  • Abuse: Abuse also comes in different forms, like verbal, emotional, and physical. Your partner calling you names behind closed doors is also abuse. Some people and their partners bully them by hitting on them.
  • Abandonment: Abandonment can also come in different ways, like physically and emotionally. Is your partner ignoring things he or she has to do in the family? Are they not paying attention to your feelings and emotions?

Many churches don’t believe that it’s right for partners to divorce no matter what, but that’s wrong. Some people have been killed or emotionally damaged by their spouse because they are afraid of leaving the marriage.

Of course, it is important for partners to do their best to make sure that their marriage works out. Praying to God and handing everything to him is good because only he can change the heart of man.

Effects of Divorce on Kids 

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Divorce is really a difficult time for families because the news is really heartbreaking. The effect of divorce on kids can be different because they need time to adjust.

Other children may struggle with the transition of their parents getting divorced.

  • Poor performance in their studies: Some kids may find it challenging to do well at school because they are worried about their parents.
  • Lack of interest in social activity: Kids during the moments of divorce may find it hard to get involved in social activities.
  • Difficulty accepting the change: Most kids find it hard to accept that their parents are getting divorced.
  • Anger: Most kids often display anger at their parents, themselves, and their friends.
  • Feeling of guilt: Most kids may think that they are the reason their parents got divorced. It can lead to depression, stress, and health problems.
  • Can kids learn destructive behaviors: According to research, kids who experience their parents getting divorced are likely to learn destructive behaviors like rebelling or getting involved in drug use.
  • Loss of faith in marriage and family unit: Children who grew up where their parents got divorced have high chances of not believing in love and marriages. They often think that it is impossible for people to stay together for long.


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