How to Overcome the Scarcity Mindset

Sarah Jakes Roberts and Shannon Brown share this message called “How to Overcome the Scarcity Mindset” where they teach that access to the lifestyle that you want first starts with overcoming a scarcity mindset. In this message, you can check out the barriers that Shannon Brown shares with SJR that have succeeded in getting them to settle. They encouraged everyone to stop settling for safe and begin to bet on ourselves to do all the things we truly desire.

Pastor Sarah said there are so many women who are employed or are in situations in which they are in a career that isn’t necessarily what they want. Sarah said that part of what Shannon is doing is helping them to get into a lane that they want and that to her is invaluable. She said she thinks that it would extend our lives if we were in fields that were fulfilling and it would increase our passion.

Watch and learn from this message by Sarah Jakes Roberts and Shannon Brown “How to Overcome the Scarcity Mindset”. We also bring the latest messages from Pastors and Church leaders across the United States of America to you.

Video Credit: Sarah Jakes Roberts YouTube

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