HungryGen Youth Camp Kicks Off with “300 Eager Students”

HungryGen Youth Camp Kicks Off with "300 Eager Students"

HungryGen Youth Camp Kicks Off with “300 Eager Students”

Hungry Generation Church youth, better known as HungryGen church youth, has kicked off its highly anticipated 5-day youth camp, welcoming a staggering 300 participants on the first day.

Hungry Generation Youth, a youth ministry arm of Hungry Generation Church led by Pastor Vladimir Savchuk, took to social media to share the exciting announcement.

The post, accompanied by photos from the event, depicts eager young faces and highlights the high energy surrounding the event.

“Kicking off Day 1 of Youth Camp with 300 eager students ready to experience God this weekend,” the group wrote on their social media page. Excitement is in the air as we anticipate the amazing things God has in store for us.”

The summer camp follows their just finished “Unashamed Tour.” The April trip sparked spiritual awakenings in thousands of people. During the event, over 1,500 students were exposed to the gospel message. A stunning 153 people made the life-altering decision to accept Jesus.

At the time, the Youth leader, Pastor Zac Parkhotyuk, exclaimed that he was “Still in awe with what God did.”  He went on to emphasize the crucial role of empowering young people in ministry. “This isn’t possible without young people stepping up,” he declares. “In youth ministry, you have to let youth do the ministry as well.”

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