I pray for people who are tired and want to GIVE UP – Alph Lukau


I pray for people who are tired and want to GIVE UP – Alph Lukau

You must REPENT and Never Give Up!

Father, please strengthen those who are tired of “holding on.” Please send them a sign that You are always there by their side. Let them know that there is nothing they cannot conquer with You by their side.

I DECREE AND I DECLARE; None of you will know poverty ever again. You are holding the hand of Alph Lukau. I decree and I declare, whatever you do will prosper. May God cancel your debt.

What did not work before will begin to work NOW in the name of Jesus. May God prosper you in Jesus‘ name.

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You must know that there are contrary forces unleashed so that you may remain the last. But I hear God say, “you shall be the first and never the last. You shall be the head and not the tail, you shall be above only and never beneath.” (Deut 28:13) So shall it be!

Be inspired reading the declarations below:

“What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?” (Psalm 8:4)

God is MINDFUL of you. God loves you. God is mindful of your family, He is mindful of your finances. May God VISIT YOU in this new week.

In this new week I stand to declare INCREASE in everything you do. Join me at 6pm tonight. May the work of your hands be BLESSED. If you are unemployed/do not have an income, may your hands find work to do. May the work of your hands MULTIPLY. I speak growth. I speak growth, I speak elevation in the name of Jesus!

TODAY is your day! A day of VICTORY where you will defeat ALL your enemies. A day of healing from HIV/AIDS, cancer, leukemia, low/high blood, arthritis, from the spirit of lack, the spirit of debt and poverty. God will destroy the powers of the enemy in your life. You have to come receive it by faith. May every Prophetic Word come to pass in your life!


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  1. Thank you servant of God for the wonderful work you are doing,many today have seen how powerful God is through you And have been incollaged to remain Royal to him, I pray more God’s favour on you so that lost souls maybe restored remember me in prayers as well I thank God for you.

  2. Thank you, Man of God, may our living father continues to bless u and may you also pray for me because my age is now 40 years without wife due to the current conflict in South Sudan which has created hyperinflation and for my spiritual growths.

  3. Pray for me Man of God,Iam born again ,i love Jesus and i want to get Married to a rich,born again patner since all men lied to me.i just need a break through in my marriage life, since i get wrong people.iam a kenyan

  4. Please pray for my green card my interview is soon I don’t know the date as yet , for my sister who was rape by her step father his family set demons on her my mom my son who is Jamaica who I don’t see in four years all of my friends family and my financial situation so do I owe so much my Job not paying. Please I can get better job

  5. Plz pray for me. I need good. Business to be able. To pay. My. Bills.
    From today. Let. My. Business increase.. I need a super breakthrough

  6. Please pray for me and my family. Im a single mom with 6 children – youngest will be 7yrs old and eldest is 17yrs old. My husband is living with another woman, though he is supporting us financially but still not enough, smaller kids kept asking about their father, on why he is not coming home and why he has another wife/family. He is away for 7yrs already. And I really do not know what to ask from God, how to ask, how to pray. I dont have a stable job, I just work as a real estate agent but til now no earnings. Help me, please, on what is best for me and my children.

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