“I Slept Last Night Without The Breathing Machine!”

“I Slept Last Night Without The Breathing Machine!”

Luz Helena Hernandez, a Colombian living in the Dominican Republic, was forced to use a machine every single day just to be able to breathe. For more than four years, her asthma-riddled body was dependent on the device, coupled with a worsening disc herniation that caused the doctors to prescribe a lumbar corset.

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Learning of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s coming to the Dominican Republic, hope welled within her heart. She knew her time for a miracle had come! “When the prophet prayed for me, the pain just went away,” Luz happily recounted. “I began to vomit and then I felt free! Last night, I did not use the machine to sleep! I am completely healed!” Not only was her breathing problem miraculously solved but her back pain also disappeared. Thank You, Jesus!


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