Is Jesus Christ A Con Man?

Is Jesus Christ a con man

Is Jesus Christ a con man?

Is Jesus Christ a con man? Over many years, some people haven’t really believed in Jesus Christ, and they claim that all the miracles that he did were fake.

Through out his ministry here, Jesus Christ did great and wonderful miracles on the lives of many people.

He also came to teach us things and show us ways that would lead us to heaven. It is not the desire of God for any of us to perish in hell.

Our Lord Jesus Christ called himself the son of God and claimed that he and God are one.

Everyone was angry at him for claiming to be God. The Lord didn’t care what they were saying about him, so he continued with his work.

He said he’s the way the truth and life and that if we want to get to God, it has to be through him. Everything that was said and done was judged by everyone, including the Pharisee.

People said that Jesus Christ would destroy the law of God that he gave to Moses. Our heavenly father told them that he’s not here to destroy the law but to mend it.

When Jesus Christ died and came back to life, the Pharisee told the soldiers who were guarding the body of Jesus to claim that the disciples had taken his body.

Is He the Real Son of God? 

Is Jesus Christ a con man pt2

Prophet Isaiah gave a prophecy about his coming to save mankind from forces of darkness. Everyone thought that Jesus Christ was going to come as the King.

Prophet Isaiah said that Jesus Christ is going to be the king of the world. When Jesus Christ started his ministry, that was not what everyone was expecting.

Those who knew him believed in him, and people who thought they knew him judged him. The Lord does not care about the riches of the world because he knows what his father sent him to do.

His goal is to bring us to God, and his dream is to make sure that we all make it to heaven. He went around teaching about the kingdom, and he healed people who were sick.

Everyone started to see that Jesus Christ is powerful but also humble. Some people started to believe in him, while others insist that he is a con man.

That is the plan of the devil—to make people not believe in Jesus Christ so that he can destroy them. The Son of God brought some people back from death and healed so many people.

He taught us about everything that we need in order to make it to heaven.

The world still hates him. 

Is Jesus Christ a con man pt3

Despite everything that Jesus Christ did in the past, even dying for our sin, not everyone accepted him.

Currently, in our world, it is easy for everyone to mock Jesus Christ. For many years, people still believed that Jesus Christ was a con man, but that’s not true.

Throughout the earth, we can see evidence that he is the son of God. The prophecy given by the prophet Isaiah was fulfilled by Jesus because he loves us.

He took the body of a human to come live with us so that we could get right with him. Christians are still mocked in our world today, both on social media and in real life.

We are called the problem of the world when we don’t do anything. They are people who have done bad things in this world and hide them under the name of God.

Those who do evil in the name of God are going to face their punishment like those who did it in the past. As children of God, we have to know that our God is real and that Jesus Christ is real too.

No matter how much they mock us or shame our Lord Jesus Christ, let our faith in him be stronger every day.

The devil knows that he is running out of time, so he’s doing his best to steal us from God.  The world is coming to an end so let us to strong in the Lord.

Jesus Christ told us that the world will hate us as they have hated him. We all can see the evidence in our everyday lives, some public places banned the preaching of gospel.

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