It’s not Calling the name of Jesus that gets you what you need

It’s not Calling the Name of Jesus That Gets you what your need!

It’s not calling the name of Jesus that gets you what you need. Beverly Uebert Angel the wife of Prophet Uebert Angel disclosed on Instagram.  Beverly Uebert Angel has called out on Christians who call the name of Jesus. She made this known in a post she shared on her  Instagram page. She stated that Christians cannot achieve their aim simply by calling Jesus’ name. However, She added that by manifesting the character of Jesus instead, one would be able to effectively use the name of Jesus. She emphasized the word ‘character’. Obviously to make her point clear.

“It’s not calling the name of Jesus that gets’ you what you need. It’s by the CHARACTER of the Lord Jesus in you that you use his name effectively” she wrote.”

In addition, she made known that the prayers of most Christians are not answered because they only call the name of Jesus and end up not manifesting his characters. Furthermore, she mentioned that manifesting the character of Jesus is more essential than merely mentioning his name.

Again, she gave instances where calling on Jesus’ name would be effective when backed up with Jesus’ characters. Among her instances includes: earning regards from heaven, quick answer to prayers, authority over the devil, speaking in tongues, Laying hands to the sick, and so on.

“In his name, you have authority over evils, you can speak with tongues, take up serpent. If you drink deadly thing you will not be hurt, and you can lay hands on the sick, and they’ll recover” She wrote.

Conclusively, she instructed that Christians may use the name of Jesus properly by manifesting his characters in them.

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