James MacDonald charged with Felony assault

James MacDonald, former senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel arrested and charged with felony assault in California.

The former senior pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago who was fired over “engaging in conduct… contrary and harmful to the best interest of the church” was arrested in California last month  and charged with felony assault and battery after he reportedly attacked a 59-year-old woman following a traffic incident

MacDonald, conforming to a criminal complaint filed by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, “inflicted great body Injury” to a woman whose name is  Barbara Bass. Following The Roys Report on Wednesday, the complaint contends MacDonald “did willfully and unlawfully use force and violence.”

MacDonald faces about seven years in prison if convicted of all charges, noted Tanya Sierra, assistant director of communication for the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. Conversely, MacDonald pleaded not guilty, added Sierra.

“James MacDonald has never, nor would ever, intentionally harm another human being.” Michael Pancer, MacDonald’s attorney said. “The charges as written are not accurate as to what took place. We believe the evidence will show Dr. Macdonald’s intent and conduct was neither malicious nor correctly assigned in the charges filed. We look to the legal process to establish what did happen and remedy the situation lawfully,” he added

The incident which occurred on March 22 was reported by the City of Coronado Police Department on  Facebook. They however according to their statement identified the alleged assailant as “a 62-year-old man.”

The Coronado Police Department later confirmed to The Roys Report that the 62-year-old man in question was MacDonald. In the afternoon of March 22, MacDonald was booked into San Diego Central Jail. He was released on $35,000 bail that night.

According to The Sun-Times, his next court hearing is scheduled on  June 14


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