James Nee Of ECG Dies Alongside 3 Others In Car Accident

James Nee Of ECG Dies Alongside 3 Others In Car Accident

James Nee Of ECG Dies Alongside 3 Others In Car Accident

James Nee Of ECG Dies Alongside 3 Others In Car Accident

Announcing that James Nee Of ECG Dies Alongside 3 Others In Car Accident, Prophet Bushiri of ECG took to his social media page to write:

“It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden passing on of our great worshipper, James Nee who died early this morning in a car accident.

I learnt that James along with my other two sons Beston Khamba and Brian Grant were traveling in a vehicle that collided with a truck and in the process overturned and claimed the life of all three of them.

When one of our own goes to sleep tragically, we often ask ourselves so many questions. And while we might not have answers to all of them, we should however be comforted in knowing that those who leave us are only sleeping and they will wake up again when Christ comes back.

“But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope” (1 Thess. 4:13).

I know that, though life often requires us to, we are never ready to say goodbye to those we love. Thoughts of spending days without their presence is often an extremely dawning thought. And it often seems like we have all the time in the world, only to realize how fleeting time really is.

But our faith in Christ has taught us this one thing, that death will never be proud.

Death is not about dying at an old age because even Jesus died at a young age of 33. But death is about moving away from the physical once you have fulfilled your destiny in Christ. It is about resting whilst awaiting the second coming of Christ where we shall spend eternity with Him.

You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude my Sons. You worshipped God relentlessly. Travelled the globe with the aim of making Jesus known. You were a great part of ensuring that souls were won to Christ. Your dedication, commitment, submission and loyalty to God have left an example through which millions will follow.

I am not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now, for one day we shall join you as we cry holy holy holy to God alongside the 24 elders in heaven.

As tears flow from my eyes with a heart heavy with the weight of losing you, I will also celebrate your life because you have taught so many the true meaning of living. Living for God! You were and are still an inspiration to all, with a heart that radiated love and warmth through all our lives. You will truly be missed and forever remembered. I love you, thank you for making me a very proud Dad!

I, therefore urge all my son’s and daughters to join in prayer as we celebrate the lives of my sons. Details of the funeral and arrangements will be given on this page very soon! May their souls Rest In Peace”

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  1. Gods plan. May their soul test in peace. i think God for he always has plan for them. May God strengthen their faimlies and our father Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Mama Bushiri may you be comforted. We love you.

  2. My heart is moved with sadness for the families of these men. I never knew them, but I follow their spiritual father. I do not mourn for them, because they’re gone to sleep,in the arms of the Almighty. But I’m sorry for their families, and for Major1. Prophet, you did your job in raising them up for the Kingdom. May God bless you always, and may you continue to raise up, more men, and women, for God.

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