Jay Israel Biography – All You Need To Know About Pastor Jay

Jay Israel Biography
Jay Israel Biography

On Jay Israel Biography – Pastor Jay Israel is the pastor and the leader of the Spirit Life Church. The good looking pastor has always complained of women loving him and trying to be a big distraction to his spiritual calling.

In an interview, the Pastor said: ” Most women are attracted to wealth, Charisma, power and good looks and all that i have – that is why i am loved my most ladies”

The Prophet is known for performing controversial miracles such as the miracles money, prophesying people’s ID numbers as well as unlocking electric gadgets.

The Spirit life bible church is located at No 8 Factory Road, North End
East London, Eastern Cape 5200 and it is headed by the prophet who hails from Zimbabwe.

Pastor Jay Israel is Pastor Alph Lukau‘s spiritual son and he was reported to call off his engagement to his spouse after 3 months. Many describe him as the flamboyant prophet and many more address him as the man of the cloth not a man of God. But the issue still remains that you are not God to judge anybody either by how they dress or by what they do.

According to Pastor Jay Israel biography, he operates mainly in South Africa, East London and Zimbabwe.

You can always get in touch with Pastor Jay Israel through Jay Israel Ministries Facebook page Here.

Pastor Jay Israel’s website is – jayisraelsnr.com

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