Jerry Savelle Devotional 29 December, 2018


The World Is Not Ours...

Jerry Savelle Devotional 29 December

Jerry Savelle Devotional 29 December, 2018

Jerry Savelle Devotional 29 December

Theme For Jerry Savelle Devotional 29 December – OUR DISTINGUISHING MARK

Walking in love should be the distinguishing mark of a believer. We represent Christ to the world. The world needs something to see before they can believe. That is why God wants us to walk in love.

The world can’t see Christ, but they can see you. If they see something in you that they don’t have, then there’s a strong possibility that they will want what you’ve got.

The world is controlled by sense knowledge. Knowledge that is gained through the five physical senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. The world has to see something before they can believe it. That is the reason why Jesus gave us a distinguishing mark, something that can be seen and that is love. You represent Jesus. What people see in your life is the image that they will have of Christ. If you are walking in love, then they will be drawn to Him.

Think about the word “Christian.” It means like Christ. You and I are to be like Christ. We are to walk in His love. But if we are selfish, self-centered, moody, or jealous, then they are going to think that is what Christ is like. But if we walk in love and if we are willing to go the extra mile with people, then they are going to think that this must be the way Jesus is.

The world will never see the love of God until believers demonstrate it in their lives. You can quote John 3:16 to them all day long, but if they never see God’s love operating in you, then they will never become persuaded to follow Him. When the love of God is flowing through you, then the world can’t help but notice!

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The World Is Not Ours ...

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