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Joel Osteen Contact Address – Joel Scott Osteen is an American televangelist based in Houston, Texas. He is the senior pastor of Lakewood Church. Joel is married to Victoria Osteen since 1987 till date. Joel was born in 1963.

According to Beliefnet, “Joel Osteen is a best-selling author and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, the largest Protestant church in America, based in Houston, TX. Osteen spent much of his career behind the scenes.

He founded Lakewood’s television program and produced his father’s televised sermons for 17 years until his father died suddenly from a heart attack. Although his father always encouraged Osteen to preach, he didn’t take the stage until two weeks after John Osteen’s death.

Since then, Lakewood’s attendance has grown from 5,000 to 43,000. In his teachings, Osteen says that he aims to focus more on the goodness of God and on living an obedient life rather than on sin.

He says that he tries to teach biblical principles in a simple way, emphasizing the power of love and a positive attitude. Sometimes his teachings are characterized as prosperity gospel. He lives with his family in a $10.5 million home. ”

If you want to contact Joel Osteen or request for prayers, you can do that through his verified social media handles or by using the details below:

See Joel Osteen Contact Address in Different countries below

United States

  • Main Number:
  • 888-567-JOEL (5635)
  • Customer Service:
  • 800-278-0520
  • Planned Giving:
  • 713-491-1200


  • Main Number:
  • 800-811-1075
  • Customer Service:
  • 800-778-5089


  • Main Number:
  • 800-829-180
  • Customer Service:
  • 800-762-576

His Net worth as at the time of this publication is estimated to be $40 Million. The Millionaire Televangelist has gathered much followers for himself and the Lakewood church. People who attend the Lakewood Church with faith still get answers to their prayers.

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  1. Thanks, the message which you are delivering help us to grow spiritual and continuing to love God more than before. I do hope that God will continue to guide you although is an easy road many are thorns on the way .you are fighting a good fight .God bless you.

  2. Dear Mr. Joel Osteen, I have a DVD on Bible Prophecy, I would like to know if you could take some time from your busy schedule to watch this, an give me your honest opinion on this. Sincerely Yours, Gary. I watch you every Sunday morning at 9:00 clock. Would you please give me your address to send this to. Thank abou.

  3. Dear Pastor in Christ,
    Greetings from Assam, India.
    Please Pray for our Poverty Children and Lost Soul Ministries.
    We are facing financial problems to provide poverty children needs and ministries field necessary, Specially our support of co-workers.
    So I would like to request you that please you kindly Pray for our problem.

  4. i listen to you every week, you are so inspiring to me. i have lost my mother 26 years ago, i lost my best friend, and my father in 2019, but before my dad i was assaulted at a job i worked 15 years by my manager that was high on drugs, i was distraght then our car was stolen from kansas and the police found it in colorado the day my husband and i got back my dad was pronounced deaceased i thought i could not go on. listening to you, i have kept my faith and kept on my path to realize none of this was my fault, and all of this was gods plan for some reason. i also lost an uncle and two aunts. it was such a most difficult time. everytime i feel like i cant go on i turn you on. but then i realize i must turn on during the good times too. i have turned to my mothers bibles and now my husband and pray all the time and my oldest daughter has turned to god. and found a godly man as a partner. we cant be more blessed. we are just praying that are youngest daughter finds the same path. i was always raised in a in bible based church, in GA s, choir, visited nursing homes, went to church camps, so god was always a big part of my life. i just had so much pain. but i turned back to him through your voice and preaching. thank you joel i wish one day to get the money to come to you to get baptised over again. it is my dream. god bless to you and your family for your works.


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