Joel Osteen Sermon: Your Reputation Is In God’s Hands

Joel Osteen shares this sermon titled “Your Reputation Is In God’s Hands” where he teaches that God knows how to vindicate you. He said you’ll stay on the high road, He will fight your battles for you. When you pray, you have to believe that you have already received what you asked for. As soon as you believe, God sets the miracle into motion.

He said we all have a desire to have a good reputation. We know how important it is. Our reputation goes before us. It can open doors, cause the right people to come. The scripture says, “a good name is worth more than great wealth.” He went on to ask what happens when you’re being your best, you’re honoring God, but other people do things to tarnish your reputation, say things that are not true, take things out of context to try to make us look bad, slander, innuendoes, rumors.

We weren’t there to defend ourselves. We couldn’t tell our side of the story. Now they’ve done something that lessens our credibility, makes people have a wrong opinion of who we are. Joel Osteen said it’s tempting to try to straighten people out, prove to them that what they’re saying is not correct but if you get on that treadmill, you’ll never get off because there will always be someone saying something not true, mischaracterizing what you did, questioning your motives.

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Video Credit: Joel Osteen Ministries YouTube

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