John and Lisa Bevere Celebrate Son’s 38th Birthday

John and Lisa Bevere Celebrate Son's 38th Birthday

John and Lisa Bevere Celebrate Son’s 38th Birthday

John Bevere Ministries founders and best-selling authors, John and Lisa Bevere, have taken to social media to celebrate the 38th birthday of their first son, Addison David Bevere.

In a heartfelt post, John Bevere, 65, praised his son for being a “great man of God, husband, dad, and son.” He also expressed pride in Addison’s positive impact on others, stating, “So happy to see how strong your impact has become in countless other lives.”

Addison’s mother, Lisa, 64, also shared a touching message on her page. Describing childbirth as “the most difficult and rewarding experience of my life,” she emphasized the unique bond between mother and child. She added, “Because there were two births: the mother and the son.”

The post included a photo of Addison with his wife, Juliana Bevere, and another picture featuring a young Addison with his mother before a church service.

Lisa further expressed her pride in Addison surpassing her and John’s qualities, writing, “I prayed that each of our sons would be new and improved versions of John and I, Addison is that and more.” She concluded her message with a loving declaration, “I love you Addison happy 38th from the mother who will always love you the longest.”

Addison Bevere is the Chief Operating Officer of Messenger International, a ministry founded by his parents and designed to provide people with access to life-transforming messages.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Addison is also a bestselling author, with titles like “Words with God,” “Saints: Becoming More Than a Christian,” and “The Holy Spirit: Introduction,” adding to his family’s literary legacy. He and his wife, Juliana, have four children.


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