John Piper Sermons – Prayers That Work

John Piper Sermons Prayers That Work

This new teaching by Pastor John Piper titled “Prayers That Work” is what we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on.

We all want our prayers to work. So what prayers are guaranteed to work? In discovering which prayers are effective, we can start with Jesus’s astonishing promise to all of us in John 15:7. Here’s his pledge to his followers: “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

Prayer is for granting us the joy of seeing God’s will executed through us as it becomes our will. The only joy in life that lasts is when our desires are drawn from his desires, and those desires are the ones that have the promise made to them: “Ask . . . and it will be done for you.”

Prayer is not for gratifying natural desires. Prayer is given as a gift for the joy and the satisfaction of those people whose heart is so in tune with God that they keep his commandments and do what is pleasing to him. If you have no interest in obeying God, in bringing the whole of your life — your attitude from morning to night — into conformity to his values, and in getting your desires from his desires, prayer is not your business.

There are a lot of other examples of how the word abiding in us fits us to pray, but here are six:

  1. a humble view of ourselves
  2. an exalted view of the Savior
  3. triumph over the devil
  4. knowledge of the path of love
  5. assurance of our election
  6. the power of holiness

This is a message you will learn from.

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