Joseph Prince Sermon – Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less

Joseph Prince Sermon - Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less

Joseph Prince of Joseph Prince Ministries has delivered a new sermon and message titled “Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less” and it is not a sermon you will want to miss. The senior pastor of New Creation Church and the husband of Wendy Prince herein teaches us how God wants us to inherit all His blessings so we can experience days of heaven on earth.

Teaching us about our faith and feelings, Pastor Joseph Prince took to Instagram to write:

“Ever feel like your faith gets affected by your feelings? Just like your feelings, your faith is high one moment and low the next.

Friend, while our feelings can peak and plunge, they don’t have to affect our faith. In fact, our faith has the power to affect our feelings! When we believe right about the Lord, our believing produces the right feelings. That’s right—what you believe has the power to change how you feel.

Find out more in Base Camp 3, Day 2 of Joseph’s new book, Give Me This Mountain—Faith To Go From Barely Surviving To Actually Thriving.

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Watch and learn from this sermon and message by Joseph Prince – Inherit God’s Best—Don’t Settle For Less – as we bring the latest sermons from New Creation Church to you daily.

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