Joseph Prince Sermon: Where Is Holiness In Grace? (Part 1)

Joseph Prince Ministries shares this sermon and message titled “Where Is Holiness In Grace? (Part 1)” where he teaches on what the Bible really says about living a holy life. In this revelatory message, you will learn the truth.

He said that about 500 years ago exactly the day this sermon was delivered, Martin Luther nailed the 95 pieces that launched the reformation because the ancient church at that time did not believe that one is saved by grace through faith alone. They have added man’s performance, men’s penance, men’s giving and man’s works to the entire thing that the gospel was lost but when Martin Luther used that hammer to nail that 95 the gospel bell was heard all across the world and from then on, it continues until today.

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince: “Where Is Holiness In Grace? (Part 1)” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors in New Creation Church to you.

Credit: Joseph Prince Ministries YouTube

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