Joyce Meyer: 7 Deceptions of the Devil (pt.2)

Here is a fresh message from pastor Joyce Meyer which is titled ” 7 Deceptions of the Devil (pt.2)”. Continuing from the last one, Meyer tell us that  we have to kind that the mind is a battle field we have to guard our heart with all diligence , pay attention to what you’re thinking, when the bad thought comes we don’t have to meditate on it, we have to say no. “No” is a very good word to learn out loud when that kind of thought comes.

We should always think thoughts that will benefit us, not something that will upset us and make us mad.

The 7 ways the devil attacks:

The devil wants us to be fault finders, if the devil can keep our mind on everyone’s fault, that we are blind at our own fault. if a believe sees nothing wrong with himself and a great deal wrong with others, then the devil has won. ( please don’t get on social media and tell your friends all about what somebody else did whether is true or not, don’t say it).

Roman 2 says” you have no excuse no matter who you are, when you pass judgement on somebody else for the same things you judge other people for you do yourself”

We’ve always got an excuse for ourselves but for other people there is no excuse, we often judge and find fault about another person but we don’t see our own.

Anger and unforgiveness it’s involved in all these things, one of the number one problems we have in the world today is “Hatred”.

We should be able to go to bed every night and say God thank you that I’m not mad at anybody, when we stay angry we’re opening a door for the devil , don’t go to bed angry. God is not interested in changing all the people that you think bother you, God is interested in changing you so that they don’t bother you anymore. The only way we are to get out of the mess of the world right now is “LOVE”.

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