Joyce Meyer: 7 Deceptions of the devil (Part1)

Here is a message from Pastor Joyce Meyer which is titled “7 Deceptions of the devil (Part1)”.

In this teaching, Meyer points out the 7 ways the devil deceives people. This is because we have to understand that the devil is a liar, he’s the father of lies, he doesn’t know how to do anything but lie.

Deception means to believe a lie, so if someone is deceived that means that they’re believing something that’s not true but it actually become their reality because they believe it.

Do you realize that whatever you believe becomes your reality even if it’s not true at all.  You can believe that somebody doesn’t like you and you go through all the same torment that you would if somebody really didn’t like you and maybe the person has never had one bad thought about you and sometimes they have not thought about you at all.

Sometimes we think everybody’s thinking about us all the time what we’re doing, what we’re wearing but they don’t do so.

How many lies do you believe? Every single one of us still believe something that’s not true. We should ask God to reveal to us what lies we have believed, because every lie that we believe represents something the devil is stealing from us that God wants us to have.

There is nothing more sadder than a christian with no victory, we need the victory to make other people hungry and thirsty for what we have.

1 Peter 5vs8 ” be alert and of sober mind, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”

Anytime you feel depressed or the devil invites you to pity party and you are sitting down feeling sorry about yourself check what you are thinking and change it and think the way God’s thinks.

The devil is trying to get back to God for kicking him out of heaven by trying to hurt the children of God (us) because it hurts a parents more to see their children hurting.

So God has provided a way for us, we are not left without help and the thing we have to realize is “we have been given authority over the devil”.

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