Joyce Meyer: Check Your Motives

Enjoying Everyday Life shares this message by Joyce Meyer titled “Check Your Motives.” The text for the message is from Matthew 6:1. “Be very careful not to do your good works publicly in order to be seen.”

Pastor Joyce teaches us in her message about checking our motives in everything that we do in this world. The second thing that was talked about as being a big waste of time is good works that you do but they’re done with the wrong motive. Motives are very important to God, and as a matter of fact, why we do something is even more important than what we do. If you start talking about motives, a room gets quiet because a lot of times we don’t stop or get still long enough to actually say, “Why am I doing this? Everything that we do, we have to believe that God wants us to do it, and we should have the right motives for the good things that we do. We know how hard it is to do something good in secret and keep your mouth shut about it. We know how hard it is to pray for somebody and then see God do the thing that you prayed for without telling them.

It’s always wrong, but we don’t always have to do that. Why not just let God get all the credit? Maybe that’s okay, but maybe God would rather you just keep quiet and let them think it was all him; otherwise, you’ll have no reward. So this is scary; it says if what you do is done with the wrong motive, then you lose your reward all together. So whenever you give to the poor and do acts of kindness, don’t blow a trumpet before you to advertise it like the hypocrites do.


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