Joyce Meyer Commemorates World Water Day

Joyce Meyer Commemorates World Water Day

Joyce Meyer commemorates World Water Day while soliciting more support to provide water for women across the world.

Yesterday, the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries took to Instagram to celebrate World Water Day. World Water Day regardless is a United Nations water observance day. It is held annually on 22nd March. The day however is deployed to widely bring to awareness the importance of fresh water.

Joyce Meyer however ceased the opportunity to not only celebrate but as well note that in many remote villages, mostly women and children fetch water daily.  She revealed that these women and children travel a reasonable distance in other to fetch water. More so, she added that they of course walk-pass through high-risk areas to fetch water.

She wrote “For many remote villages, it’s often the women and children who are sent to get water every day. Usually, this means miles of walking through dangerous areas where they are vulnerable to many perils”

Meyer went on to divulge that people’s generosity towards her foundation made a change. She disclosed that Hand of Hope, the mission arm of the ministry built water well in the remote places out of these generosities. Furthermore, she stated that they paved the way for safe, easy, and quick access to clean water.

“Your generosity is making a difference though! Because of you, Hand of Hope is able to build water wells in these remote places-making it safer and easier for families to get clean, accessible water” She wrote.

Finally, Mayer beseeched that in the spirit of World Water Day, concerned individuals may provide more water for the women. A link to at the same time was put down for assistance.

Indeed! the importance of water can never be overemphasized.

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