Joyce Meyer: Faith & How It Works – Part 2


Joyce Meyer has given us a new message titled “Faith and How It Works: Part 2,” where she teaches that God wants to help us be fulfilled and righteous. The text for the message is from Hebrew 12:1.

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message about faith and how it works. God wants to do something great in our lives that will shock us. He wants to favor you and prosper, and he wants to heal your broken heart. God wants to do great things in the lives of other people through and for you. Faith works along with patience, and for us to get anything great from God, we have to develop our patience. When you’re patient, you can have faith, knowing that God will take care of all things that concern you. Patient is waiting; it’s enduring, going through, not quitting, knowing that God is in control. Patience is an attitude that you learn to have while waiting on God. You stay calm and make good confessions. Keep believing that God is going to do exactly what he told you he was going to do. If you don’t have patience, you can’t walk the faith walk because, for the majority of things that you ask God for, you’re going to have to wait a while before you see them come to pass.

The only way we can inherit the promise of God is by believing, praying, and doing every little thing that God asks us to do. We have to know that we can’t get an instant result, and we have to believe in not giving up no matter how long it takes. Knowing that God will surely answer our prayers and that all his promises will come to pass by waiting on him patiently Waiting on God is not going to be easy, but through the Holy Spirit, he will help us in every area of our lives.

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