Joyce Meyer: How to Treat Our Enemies – Pt. 2

Enjoying Everyday Life shares this new message and sermon by Joyce Meyer titled “How to Treat Our Enemies” (Pt. 2).

Pastor Joyce teaches us in this message that love is the highest form of spiritual warfare that anyone can do. We have to learn to love each other because that is the instruction that Jesus gave us. Pastor Joyce says, “I do what I do because I’ve seen God’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you. The key to everything is found in God’s word. Satan gains more ground in the life of the believer through unforgiveness than any other single thing. If we could just get the whole church to get along, there’s no telling what would happen because the anointing would be so strong. We kill the anointing with strife, but we need that more than we need anything else. The anointing is God’s presence and power in our lives, and you don’t have to be a preacher to need the anointing. We need the anointing to raise kids, and you need the anointing to go to work in a place where there are a bunch of unbelievers.

Who doesn’t need the anointing to live in the world today? The Bible says if your brother wrongs you, you go to him and tell him the fault between you and him. This is something that is important for us to remember, and I think we’ve gotten a little off base with this. We have to know that loving people doesn’t mean that you don’t confront sin; for example, “you’ve got a friend that gossips all the time, and you’re going to either have to talk to them or you’re going to have to not stop hanging out with them. Don’t become a garbage dump for anybody. Don’t think that won’t affect you because when somebody tells you something bad about somebody, even if you don’t want to believe it, it’ll cause you to look at that person differently and wonder. So the Bible says speak the truth in love, and nowhere does it say that we should not judge sin. We can’t judge people because we don’t know their hearts, but we are obligated to judge sin, and that’s something that we have stopped doing. I just want to love them and give them grace.


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