Joyce Meyer : Overcoming Disappointment (Part 2)

Today we bring you a fresh sermon from Pastor Joyce Meyer which is titled “Overcoming Disappointment (Part 2).

From the last message, Meyer continues to tell us that If you’re where you ought to be every morning for a certain period of time start your day with God.  Don’t try to start it on your own, because if you start on your own you’re not going to like the rest of it turns out. Our strength is found in God.

The devil picks on people in different ways, you need to know yourself and you need to do everything that you can to strength yourself in areas where you’re where.

Let be smarter than what we have been in the past. David was not where he was ought to be and that made him to get into temptation of sleeping with someone’s else wife. If he was at the right place he will be in the situation.

David was just a normal man who became a great man of God but he was not perfect man, but he believed that God is greater than he’s greater mistake. God is in business of giving people hope not condemning.

We need to be very repentant we need to be quick to repent, we need to be sorry for things we have done wrong but Jesus is the solution to sin and it’s not going to help us to stay in a pit we got into when God is offering us a way out. Everybody else will condemn you but Jesus is the only one that will come and lift you out.

May we need to stop making excuses and blaming it on someone else and come face to face with the ugliness of what we’ve done but that’s not a bad thing that’s a good thing because that’s a place to begin again, but we can’t begin again if we’re not facing the truth about where we’re at, “you will know the truth and the truth will make you free”

This is a message that you will enjoy.

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