Joyce Meyer: Parable of the sower ( Part 1)

We bring to you today’s message from Pastor Joyce Meyer, which is titled “Parable of the Sower (Part 1).” The text is from Mark 4:1–9.

Pastor Joyce teaches us about the Parable of the Sower, which is so important in the Word of God because, although it’s really a parable about four different kinds of soil, it’s really talking about four different kinds of hearts.

The parable talks about four different conditions of hearts and how those different hearts hear the word of God. She told us that we have to know the word and take action on what we hear because hearing it but not doing it is really useless. Knowing something and not taking action is not going to change your life. God is talking to us and showing us things all the time. We have to make a commitment to listen to what God says. God is really trying to give us answers that will keep us out of trouble.

Anyone who learns and studies God’s word to the point where it is no longer information but revelation,when you act on what the word of God says repeatedly. We did not get our lives into a mess by doing one thing wrong one time, and we are not going to get them out of a mess by doing something right one time. We must be committed to God’s word in order to see changes in our lives.

If we consistently do what God says, there must be a change in our lives; we owe it to ourselves to act on what we hear.Nothing will change in your life as a Christian if you hear God’s word but do nothing.God is always talking to us and trying to show us what we need to know in order for us to improve.

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