Joyce Meyer: Waiting…What is that?

We bring to you today’s message from Pastor Joyce Meyer, which is titled, “Waiting…What is that?”

Pastor Joyce tells us not to think that waiting is the most boring thing; that most times, the devil sends the little demons to ask us, “What are we going to do?” The word “wait” does not mean sitting around doing nothing then waiting for a miracle. You may not be busy physically, but you’re very busy spiritually, connecting to God and filling your spirit with the word of God. When you are waiting on God, trusting, praising, and believing are the only things you have to be doing in your spirit.

When the devil comes to shake your faith in God, you have to make sure that you resist him and refuse the words that he’s trying to get into your heart. Waiting on God is the best decision a believer can make because God’s timing is the best. You might feel like you’re missing out, but God knows everything.

Pastor Joyce tells us that the word “wait” means “to except, look for, and long for God” because in Isaiah 31 it says, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” Waiting on God gives us the strength that we need in life to do whatever God’s going to tell us to do. That is why, when we go to God with our problems, he doesn’t give them to us right away, because we need time just in his presence in order to gain the strength and wisdom that we’re going to need to do what God tells us to do in the future.

To hope is to anticipate that something extraordinary will occur in your life at any time.When we wait on God, we have to get our hopes up and know that God will do great and wonderful things in our lives.

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