Kenneth and Gloria Copeland Mark 61st marriage anniversary


Kenneth and Gloria Copeland's 61st Anniversary on 13th April, 2023
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland mark 61st  marriage anniversary on 13th April, 2023


Kenneth and Gloria Copeland mark their 61st marriage anniversary, a turning point of contention as their international ministries celebrate them

The founder and senior pastor of Eagle Mountain International Church and his wife have been given by the church ministries and followers across the globe a befitting commemoration of their 61 years wedding anniversary.

In honor of Copeland’s anniversary, the church’s international ministries have taken to their various Instagram pages to celebrate their leaders. Consequently expressing their gratitude to the celebrants for exemplary lives lived. And also acknowledging their contributions to the church over the years.

The Copeland network asserting the anniversary a joyous honor wrote: “Thank you for the example you’ve allowed your lives to be. Through your commitment to each other and most importantly your commitment to God and His Word. We have a beautiful picture of how wonderful marriage truly can be”

Copeland Australia in turn stated “Celebrating 61 years of love, faith, and commitment. Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, thank you for your amazing example of what it means to live a life of purpose and passion.⁠”

Again, addressing the couple as ‘brother and sister’, Copeland Europe wrote “Just as you have taken great delight in honoring your covenant with God you’ve taken delight in honoring your covenant with one another. We thank you for the authentic love and commitment shared between you”

In addition, “We celebrate how their marriage has touched and helped transform many through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word in faith. ⁠We honor them today” Copeland Canada stated.

Kenneth Copeland married Gloria Copeland on 13th April 1963 after 2 previously failed marriages. The couple since then lived happily spreading the gospel across the globe.

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