Lisa Harper Shares Inspiring Message of Faith and Community

Lisa Harper Shares Her Journey of Faith and Community

Lisa Harper Shares Inspiring Message of Faith and Community

In a heartfelt message shared on social media, renowned evangelist Lisa Harper opened up about the hardships she faced over the past several months. Reflecting on the period from March to June 2024, Harper described it as “especially long and excruciatingly hard,” marked by the painful loss of a loved one.

Harper shared how she struggled daily to find the joy, peace, and presence of God amidst her sorrow. Despite her efforts, there were times when her heart “sighed heavily, crossed its arms with sorrowful resignation, and refused to get up.”

Acknowledging the pivotal role of her community, Harper credited the Holy Spirit and compassionate friends for lifting her spirits. “If it weren’t for Holy Spirit and some compassionate friends who determined to grab the corners of my proverbial mat, pick me and my heavy heart up, tote me to the roof, and lower me to Jesus, I think I’d still be facedown on the floor,” she wrote.

In a turn of events, Harper and her daughter, Missy, are now embarking on a journey to Italy. They will join a group to trace the footsteps of Apostle Paul from Rome to Ephesus to Athens, finding solace and inspiration in this spiritual pilgrimage.

Harper’s message underscores the importance of community in overcoming difficult seasons. She encouraged those in pain not to isolate themselves, as “isolation tends to prolong pain.” Instead, she advised seeking the support of a faith community to help navigate through dark times.

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