Living Proof Ministries Kicks Off Align: 31 Days of Prayer

Living Proof Ministries Kicks Off Align: 31 Days of Prayer

Living Proof Ministries Kicks Off Align: 31 Days of Prayer

Living Proof Ministries, led by Beth Moore, has kicked off its annual “Align: 31 Days of Prayer Aligned with God’s Desires, designed to help participants focus on immediate concerns and deepen their connection with God.

The program, which began yesterday and runs throughout July, focuses on daily scripture reading and prayer aligned with God’s desires. Participants can sign up through the church’s website store, where they can also access a guidebook titled “Align” and select one of the four gospels to read, one chapter per day, as part of their prayers. Additionally, a 17-minute tutorial video is available on the church’s social media bio page to provide further guidance.

In a social media post, the organization’s leader explained the program’s origins. Launched four years ago in response to a perceived “division in the church,” the program has become a July tradition. The post highlights the distinct nature of summer within the Christian calendar: “We have Advent season in the winter to refresh our faith and devotion to Christ. We have Lent leading up to Easter in the spring to take us back to the Cross…but the summer is characteristically a time of spiritual dryness.”

She further emphasizes the personal benefits: “I have come to look so forward to these 31 days every mid-summer. I have gotten so much out of it and, based on feedback, a number of our participants have as well.”

The ministry focuses on fostering a sense of community, emphasizing that “It’s not about how many people we can get to participate… It’s about agreeing on his priorities.” They encourage participation with the closing line: “Jump in with us and let’s hit our knees together!”

For those interested in learning more about the Align program or the church itself, the social media post directs readers to the church’s website and social media channels.

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