Louie Giglio: Living Free From Anxiety

Life Church shares this sermon by Pastor Louie Giglio titled “Living Free From Anxiety.”

Pastor Louie teaches us in this message about living free from anxiety. Most of us have had some situations in our lives that cause us anxiety. We don’t have to allow anxiety to take control of our lives because Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit. God’s giving us the opportunity today to put an X through anxiety so that we can live free from the grip of anxiety in our lives. In 2012, something radical happened to the people of America, and every study has shown a spike in self-harm, fear, anxiety, and depression. mean a massive spike on the chart. What happened in 2012 to cause that spike? Maybe it was when the phone was created. No, that happened a little bit earlier. It’s when social media became a part of the fabric of our lives. And this isn’t a Christian perspective; these are just people studying people. And so, we are living in the most anxious age that we can find in humanity, and that would touch your life the same way it’s touched mine. You have to know today that God is in our midst, and he is saying, “I am greater than whatever is making you anxious. I’m greater than whatever is making you afraid.” And you can live free. “God is greater than anything that is making you anxious; we should not allow the Devil to make us live in fear. And if you’re thinking today, “Hey, that sounds anxious, and I would expect you to say that; you’ve got a book, ‘Putt,” An X Through Anxiety,” but you don’t understand where I am, You don’t understand the situation I’m in. And I’m telling you today that you have “anxiety,” but that God is in control of everything and that we have to depend on him with all our hearts.



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