Malevolent Madness Gone For Good

Malevolent Madness Gone For Good

Kenya Vasquez was medically diagnosed with a mental disorder known as bipolar. The Dominican became troubled when her father died 31 years earlier, eventually leading her to stop her studies, leave her work place and stay home alone. To make matters worse, Kenya delved into witchcraft in an attempt to find solace for her restless soul, which only ended up entangling her deeper in darkness.

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“When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for me, I became extremely aggressive,” Ms Vasquez recounted. The demons behind her mental derangement manifested wildly! “When he touched me again, I felt something leave me,” she explained. Immediately after that deliverance, Kenya felt a sense of peace and happiness she had never experienced before. “I advise people not to seek for a solution from witchcraft because they will only make matters worse; they should seek the Lord!”

From TB Joshua Ministries

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