Max Lucado Sermons – Abigail: A Woman of Secret Strength

Max Lucado Sermons - Abigail: A Woman of Secret Strength

Max Lucado Sermons Abigail: A Woman of Secret Strength

The Oak Hills Church shares this new sermon by Pastor Max Lucado titled “Abigail: A Woman of Secret Strength” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. The text for the message is taken from 1 Samuel 25:8.

Today, we discuss about Abigail an unusual woman who was married to Nabal. Nabal’s world belonged and revolved around him. he had the worst relationship with people. He is described as a walking grump.  This is the time when David was guarding farm land but one time trouble broke out between Nabal and David’s group.  Abigail, his wife in her wisdom saved her husband from the destruction that awaited him.

Abigail was beautiful and wise woman. She intercepted David with food, interceding on behalf of her husband. She understood the situation needed to be handled with care and she handled it with finesse. She begged for justice and not forgiveness. She accepted blame.  Her words melted David and meekness saved the day. She teaches us the contagious power of kindness and the strength of a gentle heart.

Her greatest lesson is that it takes our mind to the cross. It shows us the story of Jesus just as Jesus placed himself between us and God. Jesus choose to bear our sin and turn God’s anger away from us. He choose to die for us that we may live.

This is part of the series “You Were Made For This”. A story of how uses unusual people to fulfill his purpose.

Watch and learn from one of the sermons by Pastor Max Lucado for the year titled “Abigail: A Woman of Secret Strength” as we bring the latest sermons from pastors around the world to you daily.

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