Max Lucado Sermons – What’s This World Coming To?

Max Lucado Sermons - What's This World Coming To?

Max Lucado Sermons What’s This World Coming To?

The Oak Hills Church shares this new sermon by Pastor Max Lucado titled “What’s This World Coming To?” which we are bringing to you to listen to and meditate on. The message is from the gospel of John

Today’s scripture will help us discuss where this world is heading to, John 5:28-29 send us an important message about the coming days. The book of Jude 1:6 calls it the great day. The day Jesus is describing in the scripture is unprecedented.

On this great day, every knee will bow to Jesus and confess that Jesus is the Lord. The monumental difference is that some will crown Christ as king gladly, while some will do so with tears. They are those who have refused to accept Christ as lord and Savior.

That is where the world is headed. God has moved into the neighborhood and making his home with men and women. We should be looking toward the day that we will be with God in a new kingdom.

Revelation 22:4 says -They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.  Some day we are going to see the face of God.

The days on earth may seem difficult but the day is coming when we will be in a place where there will be no tears. The great day where Christ will assume his position far above everything. Start today to put your hope in God because God is nearer than you know. He is shouting now to get our attention.

This is a message that will change your heart.

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