Michael Hinson: I Stood Before God. What He Showed Me Horrified Me!

Sid Roth shares this video with Michael Hinson titled “I Stood Before God. What He Showed Me Horrified Me!” where they reveal that Michael Hinson found himself standing before God. This episode originally aired in 2006. Sid Roth said he has  been waiting so long for the book by Michael, because he knows he is on a quest, for people to be physically healed, on a quest for people to experience the glory of God with nothing separating them.

Talking about his experience, Michael Hinson said that time in his life was quiet amazing. He thought he had a real close relationship with God, after years of prayer and asking god to show him his heart; He had a visitation that changed his life forever. It was three days long, and during that time as much as a man could be shown his heart, God showed him his heart. He didn’t do it by playing a tape or running back things in his life, He just showed up and His presence alone, everything about him was exposed. Everything he had done, was exposed.

Watch and learn from this video by Sid Roth and Michael Hinson: “I Stood Before God. What He Showed Me Horrified Me!” as we bring the latest messages from seers and pastors across the globe to you.

Credit: Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2022

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