Pastor Michael Todd Sermon: Vacant Vision | See It Before You See It

Pastor Michael Todd Sermon: Vacant Vision | See It Before You See It

Transformation Church shares this new sermon by Pastor Michael Todd titled: “Vacant Vision | See It Before You See It” which is a part of the “Crazyer Faith” series. In this message, Michael Todd said that God has a vision for all of our lives and asked if we are preparing for it? The senior pastor of Transformation Church said that when we take what God has given to us and write it down, we begin to fulfill that vision. If we’re vacant in preparation for it, it will pass us by. He shows us how we can get ready for God’s vision.

Commenting further on this sermon, Pastor Todd took to Instagram to write:

“I’m still hype from what God did at TC this morning. Today, we were reminded to GET VISION & STOP TRIPPING‼️

As God is preparing us for the future, we can’t believe in Crazy*ER FAITH without a vision! & If it’s not written down, it ain’t valid…👀

I encourage you to take some intentional time and start your week off with “s p a c e” _____ identify at least 3 areas of your life that you need to get vision in and WRITE IT DOWN!

Your written vision will give your imagination permission to exist on the 🌍

Remember, you gotta see it before you see it!!!”

Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Michael Todd: “Vacant Vision | See It Before You See It” as we bring the latest Sunday sermons from Pastors around the globe to you.

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